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Vocal coach Manchester

Mcr ACtors Cofnerence 2019

NVC we’re delighted to be one of the official sponsors for the inaugural Mcr Actors Conference.

This sold out event brought together casting directors, actors, acting teachers and people from all walks of the acting life, including us. Laura did a great job of spreading the word and even offered up some warm up ideas!

Keep your eyes peeled for this event next year.

Podcast Appearance

We’ve had a lovely chat about all things voice with Lucy Butler at the Creative Conversations Podcast. Click here to listen to us geek out and attempt to come across as professional and knowledgeable. Lucy is bringing attention to all the fantastic, creative folks in the North. What a gal!

Barbara Houseman Voice & Text Workshop

Our workshop season this year opened with the incredible Barbara Houseman visiting and sharing all her wisdom in voice and text work. It was a fantastic day. The feedback has been wonderful so thank you very much Barbara.

Voice and accent coaching in Manchester

“…information useful for any actor or voice professional…”

“A wealth of knowledge imparted with brilliant clarity.”

“…full, comprehensive and accessible workshop!”